Redeem 2it Trade Tokens for Cash

About Our 2it Trade Tokens

Hop2it is a Hong Kong company that operates as a Third Party Record Keeper, a legal requirement of any organisation that provides Trade or Barter Dollar services as a private currency.

Our Digital Trade Dollars are created from what we call, 2it Trade Tokens which are generated against value stored in our virtual “Bancs”. 2it Trade Tokens differ greatly from Digital Trade Dollars in that they can be redeemed from CASH, while Digital Trade Dollars can ONLY be redeemed for goods and services. 2it Trade Tokens are our modern development of a longstanding non cash payment system that dates back hundreds of years.


Our 2it Trade Tokens are a unique digital design and provide a means of us creating Digital Trade Dollars and a tokenized platform on which our Trading Members can buy, sell, swap and trade 2it Trade Tokens amongst themselves world-wide. 2its are ultimately sold to our participating Merchants online and at the point of sale. Merchants are classed in our global economy as Gold Members and they are issued with special software utilities in their Back Office to convert 2it Trade Tokens which they buy from Trading Members into Digital Trade Dollars with up to a 75% financial uplift.


Hop2it developed a tokenized electronic product to “underwrite” and generate our Digital Trade Dollars, which are discussed below. 2it Trade Tokens or “2its” as we have labeled them. They are a hybrid, closed loop, private currency which has been developed for the purpose of supporting our global “smart loyalty” and rewards program and creating our Digital Trade Dollars through a double entry accounting process.


Our Trading and general Members are able to purchase 2it Trade Tokens (“2its”) and on sell them to other introduced Members as part of our global loyalty and rewards program.  2its have a ceiling price which we have set to then allow Members to transfer them to participating Merchants whose electronic system can convert them to Digital Trade Dollars for tax transparent use within their point of sale or online businesses. This process provides us with a product that is redeemable for CASH and salable to our merchants (Gold Members) who can receive up to a 75% uplift benefit from acquiring 2its for their business use to conserve cash and attract new customers who use Digital Trade Dollars.

Watch The Following Short Video Summary To More Fully Understand Our 2it Barter Tokens For Your benefit