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About Our 2it Trade Tokens


Hop2it is a Hong Kong company that operates as a Third Party Record Keeper, a legal requirement of any organisation that provides Trade or Barter Dollar services as a private currency.


Our Digital Trade Dollars are created from what we call, 2it Trade Tokens which are generated against value stored in our virtual “Bancs”. 2it Trade Tokens differ greatly from Digital Trade Dollars in that they can be redeemed from CASH, while Digital Trade Dollars can ONLY be redeemed for goods and services. 2it Trade Tokens are our modern development of a longstanding non cash payment system that dates back hundreds of years.


Our 2it Trade Tokens are a unique digital design and provide a means of us creating Digital Trade Dollars and a tokenized platform on which our Trading Members can buy, sell, swap and trade 2it Barter Tokens amongst themselves world-wide. 2its are ultimately sold to our participating Merchants online and at the point of sale. Merchants are classed in our global economy as Gold Members and they are issued with special software utilities in their Back Office to convert 2it Barter Tokens which they buy from Trading Members into Digital Trade Dollars with up to a 75% financial uplift.



Digital Trade Dollars

How Digital Trade Dollars Work?


 Expand Your Business with B2B Networking


Digital Trade Dollar 2it’s provides an immense online marketplace for companies to barter their products and services with other companies. It is the world’s largest cashless business networking platform and is designed to expand your business and your profits.
We network you with businesses and people to open up a whole other market of potential customers around the world. We aim to make our service completely secure and grant you the benefit of flexibility to manage your business more efficiently.

Digital Trade Dollars are a simple, flexible trade system to help you convert slow moving stock, spare capacity or vacant beds/seats into extra sales.

Digital Trade Dollars Business owners love Digital Trade Dollars because it saves them cash, moves idle inventory and fills up their spare capacity.


Chances are you have conducted a one-to-one barter deal in the past with a friend or neighbour and the outcome was a win-win for you both. However, while these direct barter deals can be effective, do they have flexibility, which limit how often they may occur.  The challenge with a direct one-on-one barter is you might want something that one business has but they may not want what you have. By creating a currency of Digital Trade Dollars you can barter/trade conveniently with other members worldwide.


How does it work?


Digital Trade Dollar 2it’s have created a flexible, secure and fully accountable way for businesses to barter their goods and services with businesses all around the country and the world.  Digital Trade Dollars is one of the largest B2B and B2C networks with business members who are now effectively using barter to…

  • gain new customers, who generate increased sales income
  • move excess stock or utilise downtime
  • free up cash to pay existing expenses
  • increase profits from introduction of new business

Using Digital Trade Dollars


By using Digital Trade Dollars you earn Digital Trade dollars for the goods and services you sell and this value is recorded electronically in your member account (similar to a bank account).

You then spend your credit balance (or draw on your interest- free line of credit) on goods or services from any other Hop2it member. It offers you completely flexible trading because…

  • you can spend your Digital Trade Dollars with anyone locally, nationally and internationally
  • by selling now and buying later
  • you can use the interest free line of credit as working capital, even before making a sale.

Seven (7) Reasons Digital Trade Dollars can work for you


Members of your Digital Trade Dollar network are from a diverse range of businesses.

However, every one of our members is using Digital Trade Dollars to help grow their business in one (or more) ways.
You too can use Digital Trade Dollars to…

1.    Gain new customers


Hop2it and Digital Trade Dollars promotes your products and services to thousands of local, interstate, national and international businesses who are all potential customers. Every new customer brought to you by the Hop2it and Digital Trade Dollar community to bring new income on top of what you’re already receiving.

2.    Grow your business with the interest free line of credit


As a Hop2it and Digital Trade Dollar member you will receive an interest free line of credit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 trade dollars which allows you to make purchases immediately upon joining the Digital Trade Dollar network. The interest free line of credit is often used to help business through some of the tougher times and can be used as working capital.

3.    Improve your cash flow


Digital Trade Dollars add another dimension to your business by giving you the freedom to accept trade dollars to attract new customers and increase your sales.

You then use this additional income to pay for needed goods or services within your business, saving your valuable cash flow for other expenses and investments.

4.    Move excess stock and idle inventory


Digital Trade Dollars are the easiest way to sell your excess or slow moving stock without heavy discounting. We can bring the customers to you. If your business experiences seasonal markets, Digital Trade Dollars provides a profitable way to move your inventory on a regular basis.

5.    Enhance productivity


Digital Trade Dollars help companies put inventory, equipment and employees to more effective use, converting downtime and spare capacity into extra revenue by utilising the Digital Trade Dollar network as an additional business/revenue source.

How often do you have staff that are underutilised, tables or hotel rooms unoccupied? When you are dealing in ‘time’ – once it is gone, it is gone. By accepting the extra business that Digital Trade Dollars brings, you don’t miss out on creating value.

6.    Purchasing discount


When you purchase with Digital Trade Dollars you are effectively spending with your excess product or service. Therefore, you buy at a discount based on your profit margin.

For instance if it costs you 35c in the dollar to produce your goods or services then for every $100 trade you spend, it really only costs you $35. So, you are in fact buying at a 65% discount!
That is the power of Digital Trade Dollar 2it’s.

7.    Expand distribution channels


Digital Trade Dollar 2it’s members can cost-effectively expand their business reach by promoting within Digital Trade Dollar network. Hop2it has many businesses worldwide and hundreds of Digital Trade Dollar Cardholders. This provides Hop2it and Digital Trade Dollar members with strong marketing and trading options through its national and international services, plus the online business website where members actively promote their business and conduct business transactions.