Hop2it Stored Value Banc’s

Hop2it Bancs


2it Trade Tokens are a private currency backed by commodity value such as in ground gold reserves or produce. 2it Trade Tokens are electronic tokens that are issued by Hop2it Bancs and can be purchased and  sold by active Members. Active Hop2it Members buy, sell, trade and invest in 2it Tokens Tokens globally.


Although we utilise various commodities as stored value or “$V”, one such commodity is gold which we have access to in Australia. Hop2it has partnered with an Australian Mining Group to provide asset valuation via in ground GOLD resources for the 2itCoin private currency which is issued via our electronic Bancs. The primary Australian Gold Mine is located at Mt Tymns, 125 kilometers southeast of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia (see company PPM and mining reports). This mine is in the central part of the early Proterozoic Pine Creek Geosyncline. 6 million grams of Gold have been surveyed as 15% of this, the first of several mines owned by our partners and now underwriting the release of our first 2itCoin Token issue. Points of interest:-


1.  130,000 tonnes of easily mineable scree material of 7.0 grams per tonne.

2.  2,000,000 tonnes of oxide at 1.8 grams of Gold per tonne.

3.  2,000,000 tonnes of alluvials at 1.50 grams of Gold per tonne.

4.  36,000 tonnes of outcropping quartz veins at 15 grams of Gold per tonne.


Certified Mining Survey and Geological Reports prepared by Dr Richard Haren PhD, MAusIMM.

N.B. Assumptions made on 28.34 grams per ounce or USD$38.42 per gram – US$38.418.53 per kg