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Welcome To Hop2it International Group


Hop2it International Group is our Hong Kong based global trading company. With subsidiaries in Australia and the USA and Technology Trusts we have exported and imported real products since 2013.


Our experience in the international sourcing and export of food commodities is unique and forged after the Melamine scare in China which created a rush on Infant Formula in China that has not ceased since 2008. Our company has expanded through sales growth and acquisition of Cannabanoid (CBD) businesses in the USA and a high quality food manufacturing company and Murrumbooee Super Foods brand in Australia


In the USA our company Hop2it Holdings Inc. leads the charge in the emerging Cannabanoid industry, where we have produced CBD soft Gel-caps, flavored Oral Sprays and now a number of other exciting CBD based products for human and animal consumption. Hop2it Holdings Inc. holds our assets and is where our Shareholders reside.


Hop2it purchased and took control of the the Murrumbooee Gourmet Food business based in Queensland Australia in December 2017. The word “Murrumbooee” is Australian Aboriginal for “cascading water” and is a real place in the Gibraltar National Park in Northern NSW. The Kimilary Aboriginal Tribe surround this sacred place and to day we have upgraded the business become Murrumbooee Super Foods in which we now after 12 months of research and testing, infuse de-hulled Hemp seed, protein and oil into a number of the 33 gourmet condiments Murrumbooee produces. Murrumbooee supplies retailers and now direct sales across Australia and is recommencing the export of products to the USA, Asia and Europe in the 2nd quarter 2019.


Although the Hop2it Group is young, its Founder and management are not. Our leadership have known each other since the ’90’s and may have worked in this industry well before that. The Global Trading Rewards Program you are reading about on this web site is both unique and leading edge. It takes the stress out of commodity trading and applies export products for sale and resale to a cross section of wholesale, retail and direct sale customers, world-wide.


We see business as a strategy across many areas of commerce, not unlike the game of CHESS. To this end we have developed and continue to develop, a special program in which you can graphically view and manipulate your sales business in a fun and rewarding way. Our Chess based sales opportunity offers you the ability to either sit back and enjoy the sales ride, or immerse yourself in the sales strategies of considering the placement of your introduced new Traders (Chess Pieces) in the best position for your sales volume and subsequent commission and bonus payment results.


As an active Trading Member, you have become a Shareholder in the company and as such we hope that you can enjoy additional financial benefits as our company expands and becomes more valuable as an acquisition target.


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