Frequently Asked Question’s

Frequently Asked Questions



Q1.  What is the difference between 2it Trade Tokens and Digital Trade Dollars?

A1.  2it Barter Tokens are backed by Gold in-ground assets and can be redeemed for cash. Digital Trade Dollars are   backed by Bonds and can ONLY be redeemed for goods or services. Digital Trade Dollars also represent   taxable income in western countries.


Q2.  How do 2it Trade Tokens fit into the overall picture of the Hop2it business model?

A2.  2it Trade Tokens are backed by Gold and can be bought and sold by Members for the purpose of creating   profit.


Q3.  Are 2it Trade Tokens and Digital Trade Dollars interchangeable?

A3You can buy 2it Trade Tokens with Digital Trade Dollars (at 50% cash and 50% Digital Trade Dollars), but as a   member you cannot buy Digital Trade Dollars with 2it Trade Tokens


Q4.  Please go over the benefits of being a Black Opal Exchange (BOE) operator.  Why would I consider this?

A4.  A Black Opal Exchange operator can buy 2it Trade Tokens from Hop2it’s Global Exchange in US dollars at discount   prices and sell them to Members for cash profit. Regional Trade Exchanges set up by Hop2it are able to buy  2it Trade Tokens from any Member for the Sale Ceiling Price (in this case USD$0.25c) and use their system to convert 2it Trade Tokens into Digital Trade Dollars at full face value of their local currency (in this case USD$1.00). This micro-economy   provides a flow of Digital Trade Dollars creating ongoing demand for 2it Barter Tokens as well as profit for Black Opal   Exchange Operators.


Q5.  As a Black Opal Member, if I wanted to start a Black Opal Exchange, what are the costs and what is the process   for doing so?

A5.  Starting with a Black Opal membership, there is a qualification and training process and a minimum number of   2it Trade Tokens needed to start a Black Opal Exchange (BOEx).


Q6.   Can you explain in simple terms, how one can buy 2it Trade Tokens?

A6. 2it Trade Tokens can be purchased from within your Members back office account. You can also contact a   Black Opal Exchange (BOE) and tell them how many 2itTrade Tokens you would like to purchase. 2it Trade Tokens can also be bought and sold between active Hop2it Members.


Q7.  Since 2it Barter Tokens are backed by Gold, does that mean we could possibly convert them to Gold at   some point in the future?

A7.  Yes, when the Gold mine is operational the gold extracted can be made into solid coins for Members.


Q8.  Can I buy our CBD or other products using 2it Trade Tokens and/or Digital Trade Dollars?

A8.  No, you cannot buy CBD or other products using 2it Trade Tokens. Yes, you can buy CBD and other products using  your Digital Trade Dollars.


Q9.  If I have a Platinum Member who wants to upgrade to Black Opal in order to take advantage of the BOEx, how   do they go about do this and what are to costs?

A9.  Simple pay the difference in price between Platinum and Black Opal membership, US $5,000.00. Qualification and   training will follow.


Q10.    What is the ultimate “end use” for 2it Trade Tokens?

A10.   Members can generate fiat (cash) income by selling 2it Trade Tokens to other active Members at all levels. They   provide a trading medium for all Hop2it Members. 2it Trade Tokens can also be held as Collectors items based   on the potential increasing international value of gold.


Q11.   What is the ultimate “end use” for Digital Trade Dollars?

A11.   The purpose of Digital Trade Dollars is to help members conserve cash in their business and private lives by  paying for goods and services using Digital Trade Dollars.


Q12.   If I decide to not participate in the “2it economy” — does that have any effect on any previous investment in Hop2it that I may have?

A12.   Not at all, although as the world “2it economy” grows your previous investment in Hop2it may produce more  dividends for you.


Q13.   Are 2it Trade Tokens going to be available to buy and sell on cryptocurrency exchanges, like other digital assets are?

A13.   No. The Hop2it economy is a closed-loop system designed for the benefit of members only.


Q14.   Please explain how 2it Trade Tokens can be sold in the future if I decide I want to cash them out?

A14.   All Members are able to sell their 2it Trade Tokens to any active Hop2it Member at any time if they wish to cash them   out. Additionally Members may trade their Digital Trade Dollars for goods and services as they see fit.

Digital Trade Dollars can be used to purchase 2it Trade Tokens through Hop2it Exchanges, at 50% cash and 50% Digital  Trade Dollars. 2it Trade Tokens may also be on-sold for cash profit to active members.

The Proprietors of Hop2it’s Black Opal Exchanges (BOE’s) must maintain a level of Digital Trade Dollars and 2it Trade Tokens with which to service local Merchants online and at the point of sale. To maintain the prescribed balance of   Digital Trade Dollars, BOE’s can either borrow (by way of overdraft) Digital Trade Dollars for which they pay a  transaction fee and interest rate, or they can buy them.

The advantage of a Black Opal Exchange (BOE) purchasing 2it Trade Tokens from active Members is that they enjoy a  significant value uplift resulting in heightened profit for the BOE.


Q15.  What can Hop2it can do for you?

A15. Hop2it can give your business Digital Trade Dollars equivalent to the amount of money/percentage that you give to your customers. Hop2it will match that amount with an equal amount of Digital Trade Dollars. (Each Digital Trade Dollar is worth the equivalent of one US/Euro/AU Dollar; thus matching major global currencies.)


Q16.  How do you collect your Digital Trade Dollars from Hop2it?

A16.   Monthly, you will send to Hop2it’s 2it Accountancy Office a spread sheet showing your monthly transactions for verification purposes, following which Hop2it will transfer back to you and your business the correct sum of Digital Trade Dollars.


Q17.  What can Digital Trade Dollars can do for you and your business?

A17. Digital  Trade Dollars are designed specifically to conserve your cash, and will give your business the extra dollars it needs to procure both necessities and other wanted items for you and your business, like for instance… Advertising & Promotions, Paying suppliers, Car maintenance, tires, office supplies and materials, Etc & Etc.