Stored Value Tokens

  • Hop2it Bancs store value ($V)
  • 2it Trade Tokens are issued as “2its”
  • 2its have a ceiling value of a minimum of USD$0.25c
  • 2its can be converted to Digital Trade Dollars by Merchants
  • Members can buy, sell, swap and trade 2its
  • Merchants purchase or exchange for goods 2its from Members

2it Sale & Conversion

A Hop2it Banc is a virtual storage application which can hold any value applied to a asset, commodity or product set. This can include intellectual property of equity. Hop2it Regional Exchanges place a “call” on a Banc to provide Trade Tokens called “2its”. Each 2it is individually serial numbered and delivered and transacted electronically by active Hop2it Members.

2its Redeemable for CASH

  • Buy and trade 2it Trade Tokens
  • Redeem them for cash B2P
  • Sell or trade 2its for profit to Members
  • Sell 2its for profit to Merchants or redeem for goods
  • Use 2its to capitalise your business
  • Sell 2its on consignment to create wealth

Sell 2its for Profit

2it Trade Tokens are designed for P2B transactions to purchase goods and services. They are redeemable for cash against stored value held in Hop2it virtual Bancs. Digital Trade Dollars allow business Members (Merchants) to conserve cash and purchase products and services for their business. Business members use Trade Dollars to purchase products at discounts in “cash and trade”.

Using 2it Barter Tokens

  • 2its are redeemable for CASH
  • Merchants can accept 2its for goods or services
  • Members can sell or trade 2its with each other
  • Merchants buy 2its from Members
  • Merchants can convert 2it Trade Tokens to Digital Trade Dollars
  • 2its have a ceiling value of a minimum of USD$0.25c each

Buying Goods & Services

Digital Trade Dollars are generated from 2it Trade Tokens by participating Merchants who buy or accept them as a token of exchange from active Members. 2its have a ceiling price which allows Merchants to enjoy an “uplift” upon conversion which they manage in their APP. Upon conversion, Digital Trade Dollars are used to purchase 2nd hand or new products or other services.

Online or Point of Sale

  • 2its issued to Members Accounts
  • Members transfer or sell online
  • Mobile APP transactions
  • 2it sales can be escrowed
  • 2its can be accepted for commodities
  • Point of sale transactions by QR Code

Electronic Transactions

Hop2it active Members are able to sell 2it Trade Tokens to each other or to newly introduced Members making them redeemable for cash via discount or cashback. When 2its reach their “ceiling price” of a minimum of USD$0.25c, they can be purchased by Merchants in exchange for goods or services, who then convert them to Digital Trade Dollars.  Members can use their 2its to acquire goods or services from Merchants seeking 2its for their businesses online or at the point of sale.

Mobile Transactions. Download the Hop2it APP

Download the Hop2it APP and simplify your sales business. Discover quick, simple and convenient way to take command of your financial future, on your mobile phone.

Online Membership

You must be a participating Member in Hop2it and use our 2it Trade Token or Digital Trade Dollars. To join you must be introduced by an existing Member and sign up via their mobile APP or Hop2it’s web site.

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Redeem For Cash

2it Trade Tokens differ greatly to Digital Trade Dollars. The main difference is that 2its are redeemable for goods or services or via cashback. They are used to trade between Members against value stored in Hop2it’s virtual Bancs.

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Online & POS Transactions

Both 2it Trade Tokens and Digital Trade Dollars can be used for transactions both online and at the point of sale (POS). 2its are a value backed token which Hop2it uses to create and distribute Digital Trade Dollars via Merchants.

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Redeem 2it Trade Tokens

For Cash or Trade

Download the 2it Trade Token  & Digital Trade Dollar brochure or watch the videos on this site.

Member Users


2it Transactions


Merchant Users

2it Trade or Barter Tokens are a simple means to create cash and trade dollars to spend on goods and services

Download the 2it Trade Token  & Digital Trade Dollar brochure or watch the videos on this site.